About the project

Art in public space is a broad-reaching and widely practised form of raising awareness of the urban environment. The city itself uses art projects for marketing purposes or looks to them for solutions to social and urban-planning problems.

Against this background the following questions present themselves:

What is the current situation of art in urban space? What are contemporary forms of urban art? What potential do they have? What are fitting structures, forms and communication methods for contemporary art in public space?

On the basis of these questions the Art and Culture Department of Bezirksamt Mitte, Berlin launched a project for art in urban space (2018-2019) - on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee for Art (BAK) of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Elke Falat was entrusted with the artistic direction.

The Hansaviertel was built in the 1950s as the “City of Tomorrow”. For this project artists are invited to examine how well the concepts that inspired the design of the Hansaviertel have survived the test of time. The overarching question here stems from urban space research: “How do spaces affect people and people affect spaces?” (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hasse).

This question should be applied to the specific complexities of the Hansaplatz itself and the interaction of the atmospheres, spatial constructions and designs for social cohabitation at work here. The question informed the choice of artists invited to participate in the competition as well as in the entries by Ulf Aminde, Esra Ersen, Folke Köbberling, Jan Köcherman and Kristina Leko & David Smithson which the jury recommended for realization. From the start the project has been accompanied by conversations and discussion forums held at Hansaplatz with residents and members of the public with an interest in the questions at stake. At a very early stage locals were informed about the project, involved in discussions about it, and representatives of the Hansaplatz were chosen to sit on the competition jury. In the run-up to the realization of the projects further forums will be held at irregular intervals so that people can follow the development of the five temporary works and reflect upon it.

On this site you can find out more about the five works due for realization as well as the other competition entries. All information on the public events accompanying the project will also be posted and documented here. Please subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates.

We look forward to an exciting year at Hansaplatz and to the discussions with you!

Elke Falat, Artistic Director
Judith Laub, Head of Urban Culture, Bezirksamt Mitte, Berlin