We, 2021

This performative walk is part of the project "Treffpunkt: Karl-Marx-Allee" by the artists Michaela Schweiger, Ingeborg Lockemann and Inken Reinert.

Three performative walks link visibility and invisibility, representation and displacement with the planning ideas of Karl-Marx-Allee. Each work is based on a historical reference to the neighbourhood and incorporates current debates as well as residents and initiatives. Representative stagings are set in relation to less perceptible social and economic realities.

"We, 2021" by Michaela Schweiger combines the socialist fashion consciousness that manifested itself in the timeless cuts of the GDR fashion magazine Sibylle with today's orientation of all areas of life towards economic interests, in which living space has also become a hotly traded commodity.


4 pm
Greetings: Thorsten Wöhlert (State Secretary) and Sabine Weißler (District Councillor) as well as Ute Müller-Tischler (Head of the Department of Art, Culture and History).
Followed by the unveiling of the equestrian statue „Jagd auf die große Bärin“ von S O N D E R (Peter Behrbohm & Anton Steenbock)

5 pm
„Babette im Rosengarten“, performative walk by Inken Reinert

8 – 10 pm
DJ Set Niki Matita
+ „International Bun“ by Beatrice Moumdijan


Karl-Marx-Allee 33, 10178 Berlin