Babette im Rosengarten

Inken Reinert’s performative city walk Babette im Rosengarten (Babette in the Rose Garden) will start in the Café Moskau’s rose garden, where the story of the fictional character Babette will be projected as a photo-film. Babette, the ghost of the pavilion next to Café Moskau, has returned to Karl-Marx-Allee’s second section. She comes from the future that was designed together with the district. In this future people should be able to flourish unhindered by the cramped space of tenement buildings, free of class barriers and the economic pressures of capitalism. Architecture, city planning and public art should create an environment where this is possible. Babette looks around. The roses have been locked up in the rose garden. What else has taken place in the time between a future that is past and gone and the present day she is moving through now? The protagonist has stepped out of the photo-film to perform texts made up of quotes from conversations and interviews with residents from newspaper articles and historical sources. The rose bushes surrounding her will later be distributed throughout the neighbourhood.


Café Moskau, Karl-Marx-Allee 34, 10178 Berlin