Reading of the Manifesto about the good life at the Hansaplatz (in German)

In the green area in front of Niemayer-Haus Kristina Leko and David Smithson create a space for meeting and exchange that unfolds over eight weeks. The meetings with the residents and passers-by all centre around the question of communal living: How can we improve the way we live together – both here in the Hansaviertel and in the wider world? The Hansaviertel was built out of a belief in the idea of community and this is reflected in the architecture of the houses, for example their many communal areas. Surveys carried out on site as well as cultural-anthropological research in the Hansaviertel from 2007 suggest that the community idea, although not entirely successful, is still a very strong point of reference for many residents.

Over a period of several weeks residents and passers-by will be engaged in conversations as well as individual interviews. Through these exchanges, a combined text will be formulated – a manifesto about the good life at Hansaplatz. In conclusion, this manifest will be presented to the general public at an open reading. In addition, the manifesto will be published as a poster.

Meeting point: at the intervention site in front of the Niemeyer-Haus