KICK-OFF Art in Urban Space at Karl-Marx-Allee

The project „Art in Urban Space“ is dedicated to the second division of the Karl-Marx-Allee and the adjoining residential neighborhoods. Four art projects selected via competition will be presented temporarily on site from summer to fall 2021.

Celebrate with us the start of the first two projects:

Lina Braake Bank (LBB) by Sven Kalden

This project proposes the opening of the first branch of the newly created LINA BRAAKE BANK LBB. It refers to a German film from the 1970s about the right to self-determined housing, which remains disturbingly relevant today. Signs mounted on a Karl-Marx-Allee rooftop bearing the logos We now print our own money! and LBB LINA BRAAKE BANK will be complemented by an artistically designed shipping container next to the street. The installation will be accompanied by several days of events. (02.07.21 online)

Simultaneity by Joachim Blank, Karl Heinz Jeron and Sakrowski

A digital intervention in the cityscape using augmented reality technology enables people to experience historical as well as fictional artifacts simultaneously in the here and now by using smartphone- and tablet cameras. Site-specificity is the jumping off point for creating a dialogue with history, art objects and architectural anomalies. The work is meant to offer a new experience of a seemingly familiar urban setting and to project a coalescence of the digital, the real, and the historically evolved onto Berlin’s as yet unknown future. (02.07.21 online)

8 pm „Simultaneity“ Guided Tour with Joachim Blank and Sakrowski


Karl-Marx-Allee 5-11 (LINA BRAAKE BANK)