Hier, Berolinastraße!

Ingeborg Lockemann’s walk, Hier, Berolinastraße!, leads participants to the location of a residential high-rise building currently being planned for lesbian women as part of the project RuT Frauen Kultur & Wohnen (RuT Women’s Culture and Housing) on Berolinastraße. No other building with this purpose and of this scope exists in Europe. Hier, Berolinastraße! looks back at the conditions homosexual women lived under in East Berlin. The walks incorporate public writings in different formats created specially for this project that illustrate the ways queer life found to encounter itself in spite of the enforced silence around the subject. Among other texts, the acrylic glass art objects bear phrasing once used by gays and lesbians in coded personal advertisements in the newspaper Wochenpost to search for partners under cover.


Karl-Marx-Allee 31, 10178 Berlin (car park next to the townhall)