Closing event of the LBB - LINA BRAAKE BANK

Bank Talks & Braakteats

At the closing event of the artwork LBB - Lina Braake Bank, a speaker from "Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen" is invited for the format of the Bank Talks. Beforehand, starting at 18:00, Braakteaten will be screen-printed for the last time.
On 26.9.2021, the referendum vote will clarify whether the initiative succeeded in taking another step towards the socialization of housing in the interests of Berlin's tenants.
The conversation will discuss which obstacles have already been overcome and which still need to be in order to pass a functioning expropriation law. Additionally, the discussion will address whether in future we could pay for the remunicipalization of apartments owned by large corporations with Braakteats.

This event is part of the project "LBB - Lina Braake Bank" by Sven Kalden.


Karl-Marx-Allee 5-11