Exhibition of the competition entries

In December 2018 the art competition “Kunst im Stadtraum am Hansaplatz” drew to a close and of the entries submitted by fifteen invited artists, works by Ulf Aminde, Esra Ersen, Folke Köbberling, Jan Köchermann and Kristina Leko & David Smithson were selected for realization.

The competition entries were first presented at the 3rd forum of the “Kunst im Stadtraum am Hansaplatz” in the presence of the artists, but there is now a second opportunity and plenty of time to see the works again in the Hansabibliothek throughout April:

Address: Hansabibliothek, Altonaer Str. 15, 10557 Berlin
Opening times: Mon, Fri: 1–7:30 pm; Tues–Thurs: 12–6 pm

Between May and the end of October 2019 five temporary artworks will be created in the area around Hansaplatz. The process will be accompanied by a number of public forums. The artists were all invited to respond to the question: “How do spaces affect people and people affect spaces?” What they all have in common is that they are all located on the Hansaplatz and were made in response to it. But in terms of form and content they are huge varied: ranging from a herd of sheep that moves across the Hansaplatz, to a mountain which appears overnight, and a film that allows the houses of Hansaplatz to sing their songs.