BlackRock-Tribunal: Living has to be worth it again

BlackRock is one of the largest shadow banks and investors in the world. BlackRock also has a stake in the well-known real estate groups and thus has an influence on the development of rents in Germany, among other things. In 2020, the BlackRock Tribunal took place in Berlin, in which Karin Baumert was involved.

Karin Baumert is a political activist, urban sociologist, communication trainer and theatre pedagogue. In the 1990s, she was a city councillor for construction in Berlin Mitte. As a jury member, she participated in the BlackRock Tribunal in Berlin.

This event is part of the project "Lina Braake Bank" by Sven Kalden. (ab 02.07.21 online)


Karl-Marx-Allee 5-11 (Lina Braake Bank)