4. Forum Art in Urban Space at Hansaplatz

“Bring a few chairs with you…” is a space to reflect on a manifesto for how best to live together in the city of tomorrow. It will be jointly written on site by residents and interested parties, and published in September 2019. In front of the Niemeyer house a drawing of the floorplan of an apartment and a communal space will be created on the ground to serve as a space for people to meet and hold workshops over the coming weeks. Do you have an idea about how we can live together better in future? Or if not, are you interested in hearing other people’s ideas?

The 4th forum for Kunst im Stadtraum am Hansaplatz also provides an opportunity to find out more about the project and to talk to the artists involved.

Gemeindesaal der Katholische Pfarrgemeinde
St. Laurentius in Berlin-Mitte
Klopstockstraße 31
10557 Berlin