2.Forum Art in Urban Space at Hansaplatz

How do people affect spaces and spaces affect people? – this is the key question investigated by the pilot project Kunst am Stadtraum am Hansaplatz. Following an art competition in autumn 2018 five new temporary artworks will be created at the Hansaplatz in 2019. All residents, Hansaplatz users and interested members of the public are invited to bring their ideas to the table at two public forums in the run-up to the competition.

At the first forum on 12 July, an animated discussion took place about art in public space, in general and relating to the Hansaplatz, which was documented with graphic recording. The second forum provides an opportunity to continue the conversation with an eye to formulating the call for entries and determining potential locations for the artworks. We also want to nominate a judge and a deputy to represent the Hansaplatz on the jury in December 2018. More information will be published about future dates, tasks and duties on Thursday 26 July!

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