1. Forum Art in Urban Space at Hansaplatz

In September 2019 five temporary public art works will be created at Hansaplatz which will investigate the place, its history and the people who live there and use it. The selection of art works will by chosen by a competition jury.

The overarching question that the artworks should address is:

How do people affect spaces and spaces affect people?

The process will be accompanied throughout by a series of events at Hansaplatz that will provide information about the project and provide a forum for exchange between residents, users of the Hansaplatz and those involved in the project.

All residents, users of the Hansaplatz and other interested individuals are invited to take part in two public forums held in July in the run-up to the art competition:

At the first forum on 12.07.2018 we will introduce the project and outline the procedure that the competition will take. We will collect ideas and discuss the issues that we wish the competition to address so that they may be included in formulating the call for entries.

At the second forum on 26.07.2018 a vote will be held to select individuals to represent the Hansaplatz on the competition jury.

The pilot project “Kunst im Stadtraum am Hansaplatz” (Art in Urban Space at Hansaplatz) was initiated by the Advisory Committee for Art (BAK) of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and is being developed and realized through a cooperation between the Art and Culture Department of Bezirksamt Mitte, Berlin and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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