Valeria Schwarz and Juan Chacón (iCollective e.V. und Zuloark)


The Haus der Nachwuchsvisionen encourages young people to imagine their dream city: in a futuristically designed hexagonal pavilion on Karl-Marx-Allee, young people from the area will have a chance to communicate their visions for the future of Berlin and this district in particular. This is an ideal place for it because the second section of the street was itself developed as a manifestation of the first GDR generation’s visions of the future and is thus a testament to that time. The pavilion takes up the idea of this vision and passes it on to the younger generation, which can use it to make their vision for a collective future visible.

Over the course of the exhibition, the young visionaries will present their proposals at public events and discuss them with experts in their respective fields, such as the environment. Together they will search for ways in which their visions can be implemented.