FREIRAUM International (FREE SPACE International)

Meant to resemble a village square, FREIRAUM Internationalwill be installed on a rectangular area of Berolinastraße where nine trees have been planted in three straight rows. The installation’s base is a platform made of wooden beams built around the trees. A slowly rotating disco ball lit up by spotlights at night hangs from the trees above the platform’s centre. A round bench also at the centre of the platform invites residents and passers-by to rest here and interact with the space.

The project doesn’t claim to be a popular centre, but FREIRAUM International will add on to central cultural institutions such as the Café Moskau and the Kino International. The design of the bench echoes the design of the benches in the cinema foyer and the disco ball is similar to the one hanging in its bar. The wooden platform is intentionally constructed without a specific function. It’s entirely up to the residents and visitors to use it, play with it and change it as they see fit.