Kristina Leko & David Smithson

Bringt ein paar Stühle mit...

The project proposal Bringt ein paar Stühle mit... (Bring a few chairs with you...) involves two parallel interventions that translate the floorplans of two apartments and communal spaces into an outside installation on the ground. The demarcated open air spaces will become a meeting point and a shared stage in the neighbourhood, attracting passers-by and networking the residents. In both locations a programme of events will unfold over eight weeks. The focus of the programme is how we can improve the way we live together as a society, both in the Hansaviertel and the wider world. There will be serious political engagement, playful discussions and negotiation processes, culminating in the writing of a shared manifesto. The project will be supported by the participation of the residents each step of the way. The timeframe of the project is February to September 2019.

The Hansaviertel was built out of a belief in the idea of community and this is reflected in the architecture of the houses, for example their many communal areas. Surveys carried out on site as well as cultural-anthropological research in the Hansaviertel from 2007 suggest that the community idea, although it was not entirely successful, is still a very strong point of reference for many residents. On-site research carries out by the artists revealed the Niemeyer-Haus with its well-maintained communal space to be an ideal example of functioning communal life. In many of the other houses, however, the communal rooms have been reduced and are no longer in use.

Together with the inhabitants of the Niemeyer-Hause, the floorplan of one of the apartments in the house and a partial floorplan of the large shared communal area will be recreated in public space and partially built into the ground with the help of volunteers and qualified local assistants. The second part of the project will include a second building, where community life no longer functions. The two parallel interventions will be connected with one another through a programme of events and encounters over a period of several weeks. The encounters and events will be documented with audio recordings, photos, in writing and on various social media channels.

The next meetings in the installation in front of the Niemeyer Building are :

Saturday, 25.05.19 at 3 pm

Friday, 31.05.19 at 6pm

Saturday, 01.06.19 at 3 pm

Saturday, 08.06.19 at 3 pm

Saturday, 15.06.19 at 3 pm

Friday, 21.06.19 at 6pm

Saturday, 22.0619 at 5 pm

Saturday, 10.08.19 at 5 pm

Saturday, 17.08.19 at 5 pm

Saturday, 31.08.19 at 5 pm

Saturday, 07.09.19 at 5 pm