Katharina Hohmann and Christiane ten Hoevel

PRADAE – eine Rosen-Parade für die Karl-Marx-Allee (A Rose Parade for Karl-Marx-Allee)

A one-time parade on Karl-Marx-Allee will symbolically return the street to its residents. It will start at the Café Moskau’s Rose Garden. This ground-level terrace is separated from its surroundings by a decorative fence that is as delicate as it is imposing. Once it was open to the public as part of the restaurant, but today it is rented out for private parties. Today the rose garden is a “pars pro toto” (latin for “a part that stands for the whole”) for the real estate speculation that is becoming more and more common in the area and pushing out those residents of the neighbourhood for whom these buildings were once intended. The rose garden will be opened for PRADAE and used as a point of departure for the whole event.

Public advertisements as well as announcements on the radio, local television, newspapers and social media will invite people to attend the event and participate in its rose theme – be it in the form of costumes, accessories, or by bringing the invitation with them, a flyer that can be folded into a rose. The PRADAE will be planned in cooperation with the neighbourhood council KMA II e.V., the local schools, the area’s various initiatives and its interested residents. The festival will be implemented using simple, effective methods and with the help of a professional choreographer and a sound technician. Music for the PRADAE will be highly heterogeneous and international, but it will all reference the rose.

The PRADAE is an artwork that will unite neighbours in particular, but also tourists and Berliners in general, and for a moment it will give them back this street as a place for coming together.