Universum Licht Brücke (ULB) [Universe Light Bridge]

A laser will be installed as a light sculpture where Strausberger Platz meets Alexanderplatz on the line between Kino International and Café Moskau. Its beam is pointed directly upwards, thus extending the two horizontal axes into a vertical one between the earth and the rest of the universe.

Our gaze usually moves straight ahead, to the left, to the right, downwards, slightly upwards, but rarely directly upwards to the heavens. Universum Licht Brückeis about precisely this gaze directly upwards. It is designed to offer people the chance to pause and shift their routine gaze for at least a moment, to take a gander upwards and experience that special moment of looking directly at the heavens.

Universum Licht Brücke is an interactive installation and an intervention in and with the universe. It consists of solar modules and a laser beam. The solar modules store energy from the sun in order to send beams to outer space using the laser. This leads to the creation of a universal dialogue or bridge between the sun, our planet Earth and the universe. From sunset to sunrise, this work can be viewed by residents of the area, but also by others from kilometres away.

The work also deals with the question, “Where is now?” In fact, it contains multiple nows: the moment when the sun beam reaches the solar panel, the moment when the laser beam is created, and the moment when the beam is disseminated in space. It can be seen as an architectural “object” made of light that has been reduced to a single dimension: from the side, viewers see a line that starts from the ground and extends into infinity, but from above only a single point of light would be visible.

The installation not only creates a bridge between Earth (the beginning) and the universe (infinity), but also addresses today’s efforts for a more sustainable approach to the environment. The light bridge is operated using energy generated by the installation itself and is almost fully recyclable. Thus it stands for a sustainable, future-oriented and universal dialogue.