Fabian Knecht


Grundrissis a sculptural intervention in front of the Café Moskau. A trench that is 10 to 15 metres long, two to three meters wide and up to one metre deep has been dug straight down into the sidewalk at a right angle to its surface. It looks like a crack threatening to open up at any moment. Grundrissis perceived in different ways by passers-by: is it a new construction site? A disaster or an art installation? In this city, anything is possible.

The Café Moskau was created as a centre for public communication, but since its privatisation it can no longer fulfil this purpose. This makes it an example of the gentrification and speculation taking hold in so many parts of Berlin. The artistic intervention mirrors this process of fracturing metaphorically and offers a visual response to it.

Like an exhibit, the intervention has a set duration and regular opening hours. Over the course of six to eight weeks, Grundriss will be on view from, for example, Wednesday to Sunday from noon until 8 pm. Two security guards will ensure visitors’ safety during these hours. The work will be covered with heavy steel plates outside of opening hours. The entrance of the Café Moskau and the sidewalk will remain accessible at all times.