Barbara Müller

WELTERBEN - von Ost nach West und umgekehrt (WORLD HERITAGE – From East to West and Back Again)

The performative work WELTERBEN responds to the changing neighbourhood around Karl-Marx-Allee, as intimidating as ever in its size, with a self-operated instance of “progress”. What stays and what goes – on one’s own life path, from past to future, from bottom to top, from east to west and back again?

An arrangement of objects sewn together out of boxes and textiles will move back and forth between Alexanderplatz and Strausberger Platz as though in slow motion. The artist will push them forward on their path in a gradual performative intervention. Passers-by are invited to participate in the movement.

The rigid objects are rectangular boxes that fit inside each other like Russian dolls. The malleable objects are doubly sewn together fabrics made of materials such as canvas, cotton, wax cloth or blueprints. Each day, the objects are brought to the site of the performance in a small wagon shaped like an open cage. A film documenting the process will be screened on the wall of one of the pavilions at the conclusion of the project, where the moving cage and utensils will also be on view.